Places to Visit in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu Tourist Places List

Coimbatore (Covai) is the Second largest district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is known for its textile factories, engineering firms, automobile parts, manufacturers, healthcare facilities, educational institutions pleasant weather and hospitality.  So it is called as the Manchester of South India or 'Textile Capital of South'.  Coimbatore’s name comes the local Goddess here, Koniyamman. Koniyattamuttur or Koniyamuttur later metamorphosed to Koyamuttur now it has changed as Koyambathur.

About Coimbatore City in Tamil Nadu State

It is the second largest and industrialized city of Tamil Nadu.  Koyampatur city is located on the banks of river Noyyal.  This city is located in the shadow of the Western Ghats; This city has a very pleasant climate all around the year.  The height is 411 meters above mean ocean level. The attire here is tropical and the season to visit the city is all as the year progressed.

This district have 10 taluks. And it is formed as third Municipal Corporation of Tamil Nadu State in 1981. After the Chennai and Madurai. They are Mettupalayam, Pollachi, Annur, Anaimalai, Koyambathur North taluk, South taluk, Kinathukkadavu, Madukkarai, Perur, Sulur and Valparai. It has two revenue blocks. They are Kovai and Pollachi.  The total land Area of this City is 7,469 square kilometers. The number of inhabitants in this District Population is 34,72,578 (Census 2011).

The general population of different states lies here and they communicate in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English and Marathi. The STD code for this city is 0422. It is one of the best most modern urban areas of Tamil Nadu State. Many legitimate offices of transportation through air (peelamedu airplane terminal), through transport and through rail (Kovai Junction and Podanur Junction). National Crime records Bureau reported this city was one of the safest city in India for women in 2015.

It was the capital of newly formed district in 1804. Kovai city was accorded municipality status with its chairman Robert Stanes in 1866. Koyampathur day is celebrated on November 24. Due to the decline of cotton industry in Mumbai, this district became a textile boom industry in the 19th century. koyampattur city is selected as smart city by Narendra Modi’s flagship Smart Cities Mission. Kovai was ranked as 7th best city in India in the Ease of living index 2020.

Koyambattur Mayor : A.Kalpana
Deputy Mayor : Thiru. R. Vetriselvan


During the 1st and 4th century AD Koyampattur was ruled by Cheras in the Sangam Age.  Koyampattur city existed even prior to the 2nd century AD as the capital of the small tribal kingdom Kongunad.  It was brought under the Chola control in the 2nd – 3rd century Ad by Karikalan. The Palakkad Gap is the principle trade route of west coast and Tamil Nadu. This city was located in the ancient trade route. The way extends from Muziris to Arikamedu in South india.

In the 10th century CE the medieval Cholas conquered the Kongu Nadu.  Koyamuthur was ruled by Vijayanagar Empire in the 15th century.  Nayaks introduced the Palayakkarar system under the Kongu Nadu region.  It was divided into 24 Palayams.  this region came under the control of Mysore in 18th century. After the defeat of Tipu Sultan in the Anglo-Mysore Wares.  In 1799 the British East India Company annexed the district to Madras Province. The region played an important role in the Second Polikar War in 1801 under the leadership of Theeran Chinnamalai. When Kongunad fell to the British along with the rest of the state.  The first textile mill came up as far back as 1888.  There are now over a hundred mills.

About Coimbatore District in Tamil Nadu India

This District is a headquarters as well as corporation. The east and west constituencies of the koyampatur are the two members of legislative assembly 20% of city territory is represented as Nilgiri constituencies its runs into the northern part of the city.

Koyambathur city has a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and several councilors elected by people representing administrative wards, as well as a corporation commissioner to administer the city headed by the District Collector.  The district court is the highest court of appeal in Koyamuttur Despite being the largest revenue earning districts in Tamil Nadu.

Coimbatore is also known as Covai had its first origins, the Irular tribes of Kovan who settled in Kongunadu during the early times. Then this place was conquered by the Cholas. There were other kings of various dynasties who ruled this part and finally the British reigns ruled this place and name it as Coimbatore.

Coimbatore District is famous for textile industries and motor pumps. The first textile mill was set up in 1888. Now Coimbetore city have more than 50,000 small, medium and large industries and textile mills. The black soil, good rains and water resources had made this place a major agricultural centre. Cotton is grown is bulk and this made Koyambathur a textile city. This is also the Textile capital of South India. The other major industries are machinery, automobile spares, motors, electronics and steel and aluminum foundries. These are the well features about Koyambathur district.

Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India

Coimbatore District in Tamilnadu supplies nearly half of India requirements of motors and Pumps. It is also one of the largest exporter of jewellery, wet grinders, poultry and auto components. The Government of India recognised the "Kovai Wet Grinder" and "Covai Cora Cotton" as recoganised as Geographical Indications.

Koyampattur city has many theatres and clubs, stadium complex, museums, parks and a zoo. A number of video game arcades, bowling alleys, billiards centres, discotheques, many country clubs etc. make entertainment lively here.  Motor sports are a passion here and the city has many more in nearby hill stations.

Kovi is the base for visiting the prime hill stations of South - Ooty, Kodaikanal and Munnar as well as the base for nearby renowned Maruthamalai and Perur Temples, Palani, Guruvayur, Madurai, Trichy and Tanjore etc. Also the Koyamuthur city is the base for more than a dozen waterfalls, half a dozen wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks, and a number of lakes and dam sites scattered in the splendid western ghats.


Koyambathur in Tamil Nadu food habit is based on south Indian food (ie) Rice. Many of the local restaurants retain with rural flavor.  They serve food over the banana leaf.  Eating on a banana leaf gives us a healthy life and it is an old custom.  Main dishes of this city are idly, dosa, paniyaram and appam.  Northern Indian food, Chinese food also available.


Coimpatore District is located at 11.00°N 76.96°E in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India.

Koyam bathur Climate

Maximum temperature of Koyamuttur in summer is about 39°C and the minimum temperature is about 21°C. The winters of this district are very mild with the maximum temperature around 30°C.

Coimbatore Tourism

Koyampattur city is very nearer to the hill station of Udhagamandalam(Ooty) and Kerala. It has a mountain train that runs from Mettupalayam. Ooty is about 85km from the city. Regular bus services are also available from Koyamuttur to Ooty.


Lot of tourists are interested to visit Coimbatore District because it has many tourist spots. Koyambathur Tourist Places are  Indra Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Topslip, Black Thunder Amusement Park, Parambikulam, Thiruppur, Forest College Museum, Khadi Gandhi Gallery and Government Museum. So many Koils and Sightseeing picnic spots are also here. These are the well important places to visit in Koyamuttur district.

Coimbatore Tourist Places List

Central Prison

V.O. Chidambaram Pillai the great freedom fighter was prisoned here from 1908 to 1910. He is called as Chekkilutha Chemmal. We can see the marble statue of VOC in this prison.

Podanur Junction

Podanur Junction was established in 1862. It is one of the first junction in South India. This place is famous for Gandhi’s speeches.

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary or Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Formerly known as Annamalai Wild Life Sanctuary. It is about 110km from Koyamuttur District. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at the northern extreme of the cardamom hill in the western ghats and has a fairly large population of lion-tailed Mocaque and Nilgiri Langur.  Wild animals like tiger, panther, sloth bear, porcupine, civet cats and many species of birds can be spotted here. The Annamalai has a large number of crocodiles in the Amaravathy reservoir.

Koyambathur is one of the best places for the natural lover.  Around the plantations of Karaishola and Anaikonta Shola, here are a few beautiful water falls. Accommodation is available at Top Slip resort 37km from Pollachi, which is a scenic beauty location within the sanctuary. Elephant rides or Jeep Safari can be arranged from here.

February to June is the best season to visit. This sanctuary is at an altitude of 1,400m in the Western Ghats near Pollachi. Anamalai Wildlife sanctuary is about 68km from Pollachi town. The area of this sanctuary is about 958 sq km. This sanctuary has recently renamed as Indra Gandhi Wild life sanctuary. Arrangements are available at Topslip to take tourists around the sanctuary on elephant back or by van.

It is one of the important tourist place in Koyambattur District. Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary Timings : Morning: 7.00 am to Evening: 4:30pm

Topslip in English

Topslip is about 37km from Pollachi and about 43km from Koyamuthur India.  It is a picturesque spot in Anamalai Hills.  It is an ideal picnic spot. Tourists of Topslip are taken around the sanctuary on elephant back or by van. Topslip is the pollution free heavenly land. This slip is located above 800 feet from the sea level on the Anamalai mountain range. It stands majestically with green spread mountains and forest all around.  The unique teak forests, Bamboo forest also located near Topslip. Topslip and Valparai are small places with in the Indira Gandhi National Park and Wildlife sanctuary lies in the Koyamuttur District of Tamil Nadu at the Southern part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in the Anamalai Hills. It is separated from the Nilgiri Hills by the Palghat Gap on the north.   The park is contiguous to the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary to its West and to the Eravikulam National Park and Chinnar wild life sanctuary. Topslip is important places to visit in Koyambathur district

Entry Formalities: The Sethumadai Check post is the entry point to Topslip.  In case if you plan to stay at Topslip, accommodation must be booked in advance at the wild life warden office. Address: 178, Meenkarai Road, in Pollachi.

Private vehicles can drive in the park.  Topslip is best enjoyed if a car is hand at all times. It is possible to walk around the park. We must have a park guide with us to walk in the park for a maximum of four hours. There is a provision for a conducted bus ride from a part reception office and riding elephant may also be available local food and refreshments are available at the facility run and the tourist complex. Accommodation in the park is very basic and it is best to carry sleeping bags and emergency supplies. A booking at a particular guest house may not assure you of accommodation at it.  The final allocation decision is to leave the department staff at Topslip.

Balaji Temple

Peria Karamalai tea industries is owner of Balaji Kovil.  It is situated in Karamalai tea estate. This Kovil is located in the midst of beautiful mountain and evergreen forest.  It is about 70km from Valparai and 52km from Topslip.

Birla Falls

Birla falls is situated within Sholayar estate of Ms. Jayshree Tea industries Ltd. It is about 2km from Valparai and 58km from Topslip.

Black Thunder Amusement Park

Black Thunder is a great enjoying play spot. It is about 41km from the City and 40km from Ooty.  It is one of the important theme parks in Tamil Nadu South India.   It is our Asia’s no:1 Water Theme Park nestled in natural beauty with the green hills of the Nilgiris for a backdrop and the cooling shelter of frees. This park has lot of water sports and amusements. Fun never ends in this place.  Look around again and we can see lot of people screaming and shouting with excitement jumping ‘n sliding’, swimming and floating of thrilling adventurous rides spread over an area.  Its area is about 65 acres. The nearest railway stations are Mettupalayam, Koyambathur and Tiruppur. 

Jolly world

Jolly world is an Educational Theme park and picnic centre located in Covai, Mettupalayam Road, and 20km from Koyampattur and 10km from Mettupalayam. Jolly world is located in vast area of mountainous land with eco-friendly atmosphere and flora and fauna.  It is promoted by M/s Joyland Science Park Limited.

Maharaja Theme Park

This great park is nearer to the Neelambur bye pass on the Koyambathur-Salem national highway.  It will be the nearest entertainment gateway for the people of Koyamuttur. Maharaja Theme park is a most attractive features of the theme parks from not only within India but also from outside. Apart from having he common entertainment facilities, we have a multiplex with two theatres. It would also house a mini golf course and an auditorium.

Kovai Kondattam

It is a family entertainment park. This park has 33 world class rides. This adds a great attraction to visit the cotton city. This theme park offers a lot of attractions like Aqua dance, wave pool, dashing cars, rock climbing, Harakiri and video parlor to name a few, certain entertainment to children of all ages.

Town Hall in Kovai

One of the heritage building Town hall is in this City.   This hall was built in honor of Queen Victoria in 1882. It is made up of stone and lime mortar.  This building is used as a Corporation Administrative office in Covai now.


Parambikulam is an Aliyar multipurpose project, it consists of a series of dams inter connected by tunnels and canals for harnessing water of the Parambikulam, Aliyar, Nirar, Sholiyar etc., lying at various elevations, for irrigation and power generation. It is located on the Anamalai range.

Parambikulam National Park

Parambikulam is a reservoir of tranquil greenery ensconced in a between the Anaimalai ranges of Tamil Nadu and the Nelliampathy ranges of Kerala. The rocky and hilly areas are drained by several rivers, it includes the Parambikulam the sholayar and the Thekkedy. Thickly forested with stands of bamboo, sandalwood, rosewood and teak.  This sanctuary has some marshy land and scattered patches of grassland. Parambikulam was once home to some of South India’s finest stands of teak. Little remains of the original teak forests, other than the famous Kannimari teak tree, the largest in Asia as most of these have now been replaced by teak plantations. The tree is about 5km from Thunakadava and is one of Parambikulam Prime attractions.  It is one of the oldest and largest teak trees in the world is another attraction in the sanctuary. It has a girth of 6.52 m height of 48.25m.  This measurement was taken in the year of 2003.

Sholayar Dam

Sholayar Dam is the second highest Masonry dam in Asia.  It is about 345feet.  This place is about 24km away from Valparai and the beautiful Athirampali falls is just 80km away. The length of this dam is about 6-7km.  This dam is constructed in Chalkudi River. It is situated in the border of Kerala state, this place always attracts tourists not only from Tamil Nadu but also from Kerala.

Tiger valley

Tiger valley is situated between waterfall estate and Attakatti after 27th hairpin bend from here we can see the scenic beauties of the evergreen forests surrounding upper Aliyar Reservoir and also the wind mills are situated in Udumalpet area.

Upper Nirar Dam

This dam is situated in Chinnakallar.  It is about 18km from Valparai Lawson falls is just 2km away from here.  This place and the surrounding reserve forests are real attractions to the naturalists.

The Coracle Ride

There are 10 coracles provided with cushion seating.  This ride covers a distance of 5km on the cool water with mountains and forest on either side gives us a rare sight.  Having a round o in the water is also another notable experience. You can also stop by the banks to have a walk into jungle as you like.


Walking into the bushes and marshes along with some seasonal streams, enjoying fresh air really energizing us.  We can inhale the smell of the flowers and so an.

River Bath

This river bath gives us pleasant breeze.  It gives cooling effect and a great relief.  The running water relieves our tired and sweat.

Delicious Lunch

Chappathi, Variety rice, Ragi ball with fish curry, curd rice, fruits, sweet, vegetable salad, mineral water.


This Eco-tour takes one day programme only on Saturday & Sunday.  It is in the District forest office Trichy Road, Coimbatore Reservation is done on first come firs serve basis. Contact Address: Forest Range office, Karamadai.

Singanallur Boat House

The cool breeze enveloping the area makes you forget it’s still grueling summer.  The large pool of water bathed in the rays of the setting sun presents a visual treat.  If you think about a holiday destination it tucked away somewhere in a hill station, hang on this place is very attractive in the city in fact, in your own backyard. Singanallur lake is famous for its boat house.  We can see lot of crowd during the weekends.  The crowd is predictably high during weekends. No so long ago, water hyacinths made boating nearly impossible, after cleaning that  there is a sense of joy and excitement palpable on the faces of those who come in during the evening.

The boathouse has three steamer boats.  Three rowing boats and 40 pedal boats.  The people can boat between 9 am and 7.30pm.  The person at the ticket counter monitors boaters with a pair of binoculars to ensure they do not beyond the allowed limits of decency. 

Kallar Horticulture Farm

Kallar Horticulture farm is under the department of horticulture farm is under the department of horticulture.  It is a part of the state horticultural farm.  This place attracts thousands of people by its natural beauty.  People from in and around Coimbatore visits this place facilities are provided to it and enjoy the serene view of vegetation. People who visit Ooty from Koyambathur Metupalayam route never try to notice this place at the footsteps of the hills.  By driving near the steel bridge it heads to the first hairpin bend for climbing Ooty, there we can see the sign board of Kallar.  It is a name of a little river.  It flows very silently on the left side of the room we can see the government horticulture farm. The Kallar farm is not a very famous spot.  We can choose it because it is less crowded and nice getaway from daily chores.  The place looks serene and it is densely crowded with huge trees.  A big banyan tree is near the entrance. Lot of monkeys will be playing there.  We should be very careful that not to carry any eatables in hand.  It is a good place for nature walk. We have spent lot of time with plants and trees.  A little stream of water is flowing all the way.  It has got varieties of plants and flowers. They also sell fruits, plants and other related stuff.  Timings: 10.00am - 4.00pm


Thiruppur is about 50km from this district.  It is an important textile City in Tamil Nadu. Thiruppur is also famous for hosiery products. Thiruppur is also famous for Thiruppur Kumaran one of the valiant freedom fighter. One of the most popular places for textile and hosiery industry, it has now become the home of exporting products to other countries.

Forest College Museum

Forest College Museum is about 3.5km north of the railway station.  It is one of the oldest of its kind in the country.  The College museum is very worth to visit. This museum preserves the fossils of plants and animals. The museum also has dead specimen of plants and animals of rare variety.

Khadi Gandhi Gallery

The government of India started Khadi Gandhi Gallery on July 15, 1970 in Koyambathur.  This gallery displays pictures of Gandhi right from his birth to his death.  We can see the interesting collection of rare photographs and all major events in the life of Gandhi.

Government Museum in Kovai

Government Museum is located in VOC Park Road.  The Government initiated this museum in 1989.  It bears remnants of the various tribes of the place. The museum is compartmentalized in to five sections.  It bears the fossil remains and age-old tools.

Agricultural University

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University established the agricultural college and research institute in 1971. Agricultural University is one of the best university is South Asia. This University adds pride to the city.

Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum

The Old Stone Age and New Stone Age artifacts are displayed here. Old stone tools and gigantic burial urns (Muthumakkal Thali) collections are here. We can see the Antique things excavated from Boluvampatti. They are Copper bangles, stone beads. Stone Slab inscription from Udumalpet is the major attraction.  The rules and regulation list are given in the inscription which is order by king. This Museum is located in Nanjundapuram Road.


Kottaimedu is located near the ancient Vijayanagar Fort. Tipu’s the armies destroyed this fort during the battle of Qamar ud-din. They defeated the British East India Company in the Siege of Koyambathur in 1791. Kottaimedu means Fort Mound in Tamil language. Tipu Sultan built the Kottaimedu mosque.

Kottai Hidayathul Islam Safia Jamath Kottaimadu

This mosque is about 1km away from the railway station.  This is known for its architectural structures.  This was the first mosque to be built in Arabic college is also a part of this mosque.

Infant Jesus Church Kovaipudhur

Infant Jesus church is a quite famous church situated in Kovaiputhur.  Devotes throng the church on Thursdays for attending the Novenoe.

Mahalingapuram Round road

This Round road is located in Mahalingapuram colony.  It is the most favorite place for joggers, walkers, basketball and badminton players. It is called as a get together place for all the community from Pollachi town. Most of the people come to this park for walking and exercise.  The park opens early morning 5am. It has a playground for Kindergarten children.  The special feature is Jawaharlal Nehru’s Statue.

Coimbatore Temples List

Temples in and around this district are Marudamalai, Thirumoorthy, Perur Patteeswaraswamy, Avinashi Shiva and Kanniyamman are some of the important Koils. It is called as a get together place for all the community from Pollachi town.

Marudamalai Temple in English

Arulmigu Subramanyaswamy Kovil is situated at a height of about 500feet in a plateau on the Western Ghats. Marudamalai is about 12km away from Railway station. This is dedicated to Lord Muruga and it is classified as Kunruthoradal.  It is one of the six main abodes of the Lord Muruga. The word Maruda is the colloquial form of Marunthu, which means medicine and malai means mountain.  It is one of the most visited tamples in the region. The presiding deity is Dandayutha pani who is believed to have several miracles here.

It was set against the backdrop of hazy blue hills dotted with shrubs and bushes of varied hues, the sacred shrine verity reflects the picture of Lord Muruga, Magnificently mounted on his vehicle peacock flaunting and swaying its feathers and plume in full bloom.  The mountain here is abounded in trees of Marudham.  It came to be known as Marudhchalam.  Marudhamalai is also called as Marundhumalai. It is fully overgrown with shrubs and bushes of medicinal properties.

The scared shrine of Marudhamalai is believed to remove both physical and mental afflictions and attachments as the hill abounds full of medicinal herbs. This peaceful environment and pleasant breeze bring harmony and quietness to the minds of devotees. The saints and holy men used to prefer this hill and came here in search of ‘Kayakalpam’ the divine medicine for salvation. 

The celestial cow ‘Kamadhenu’ is believed to have gazed in the pastures of this hillock and drunk from the springs under the Marudham tree as per Perur Puranam written by Kanchiappa Munivar.

This place has lush vegetation with salubrious climate. Bus facilities are available near the tample.  Charges are very normal. Marudamalai Murugan temple is one of the important temple in Coimbatore District. Marudamalai Temple Phone: 0422 - 2422490.

Festival & Poojas

Several festivals are celebrated to glorify Lord Marudhachalapathy like Karthikai, Adi Pathinettu, Padivizha, Tamil New year’s Day, English New Year’s, Karthikai Deepam, Thai Poosam, Bhramotsavam Panguni Uthiram etc. The Thai Poosam car festival is most splendid and spectacular, attracting a large number of devotees. 

Thirumoorthy Koil

Thirumoorthy Kovil is about 20km from Udumalpet on the highway from Palani to Covai.  This Koil is located at the foot of the Thirumoorthy hills adjoining the Thirumoorthy dam. A perennial stream flows by the side of the Sri Amalingeswarar Koil and there is a waterfall nearby.  The crocodile farm at amaravathi dam is just 25km from here.  This is an excellent picnic spot.

Plague Mariamman Koil

Plague Mariamman is one of the ancient temple.  It is located between Big Bazaar and the Raja Street.  It is about 150 years old.  The people of this area believed that the goddess of the Kovil saved them from the plague in 1936.

Thandu Mariamman Temple

Thandu Mariamman Kovil is about 2km from railway station. This temple was built during the period of Tippu sulan. Thandu Mariamman Koil has got a very unique origin. Thandu Mariamman appeared in the forest for a long time.  The following morning that soldier went to the forest in search of the goddess’s dharisanam, he showed her to his countrymen and finally the temple was built in that place. Soon the news had spread all over and it was worshipped by the name Thandu Mariamman.

Eachanari Vinayagar Koil

This temple is dedicated to Lord Vinayaga and it is situated about 43km from the city. To contact: Arulmigu Echanari Vinayagar Thirukoil, Pollachi Main road, Kovai.

Perur Patteeswaraswamy Temple in Koyambathur

Perur Patteeswaraswamy Kovil was built by Karikala Cholan over 2500 years ago. It is about 7km west of district near river Noyyal. Perur Patteeswaraswamy Koil is one of most popular Koil in this District.  This temple upholds huge statues. Perur, also called as Tiru Perur or Melai Chidambaram is a small village ideally situated on the banks of river Noyyal and has the famous temple dedicated to Shiva as Pattishwara or Nataraja.  The unique collection of carvings in the Kanaka Sabha is a feast to the eyes.  The major festival is Arudra Darshanam which attracts a large crowed of devotees. Panguni Uthiram festival is celebrated very famous in this Koil. Pooja Timings: 6.00am to 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm to 8.30 pm

Avinashi Shivan Koil in Coyamuthur

Avinashi Shiva Temple is about 45km from Coyamuthur. In this Satellite city of Coyamuthur, the Shivan Koil is a famous pilgrim centre.  Known by various names as Pukkaliyur,Dakshina Kashi and Dakshina Prayag, the Avinaseshwara in the shrine is said to be a self manifesting Linga.  Parvati is known here as Karunambika. The first enclosure contains some beautifully carved sculptures and idols along with the 63 Nayanmars.  The Koil chariot is one of the biggest in this part of the country.

Kanniyamman Temple in Koyampattur India

Kanniyamman Temple is located almost in the central part of the city, this ancient Koil of the village Goddess was popular shrine in the olden days.  The deity has the origin even from the days of Karikala Cholan, when the old temple was located at Shakannor Pallam.  Known as the patron deity of the city it has now been developed as a modern temple visited by many devotees.

Koniamman Koil

In olden days for every Shiva Temple, there would be a guarding deity in its northern boundary.  According to a legend that Arulmigu Koniamman Temple.  The history of the Koil and deity dates back to the 13th century.   A leader of small kult known as Irulas built this Koil in the heart of the city. The small village was also known as Covanputhur because of the leader’s name was ‘Covan’ According to the “Cholan Poorva Pattayam” in the Madras oriented Manuscript library this Covanputhur later changed as Koyamuthur. 

This ancient Koil was situated in the north of Koyambtur near Sanganur stream. When there was a fear of Chera invasion.  The illangosar tribe was ruling at that time.  They built a new fort and to guard this fort, they built a Koil and named the Predominant deity as Koniamman of this temple. After the tribes ruling came to an end, the Koil also had a sluggish period. Realizing the importance of this Koil, during the Mysore dynasty one of its kings renovated the temple and consecrated the Devi Konniamman in the style of “Mahisasuramardhini” From that to today goddess Konniamman blesses her people with love and grace. The people of Covai have strong belief in the powers of this goddess.  The deity grants her followers, what they want when they pray her with all sincerity and faith. The sculptural beauty of the present statue is marvelous. It is located near the town hall.

Karamadai Renganathar Koil

This temple is dedicated to Lord Renganatha. This is the second oldest temple in Koyamuttur.  It was built by the Vijayanagar Kings.

Ayyappan Temple

Ayyappan Temple is one of the most famous Temple in Koyambathur.  This Koil is situated in Sidhapudur, near Gandhipuram bus stand.  Ayyappan temple is similar to the Sabrimala in Kerala. This temple God is considered as the powerful God in Koyampattur City.  Devotees believe that prayers to this God come true. During Sabrimala season, most of the people gather here and wear malai and kattu. Group of people and family members will gather in single place and go to Sabrimala for prayers. Devotees will follow the same rules and regulation for visiting this Sri Ayyappan temple also. Ayyappan Koil  Phone number : 0422-2523027.

Kongu Nattu Tirupati

Naina hill is one of the unique holy land in Konga. This hill is proudly called as Kongu-Tirupati.  Eery Saturday pilgrims visits this Kovil. In Puratasi month all the people visit his place and chant the Manthra “Govindha” in all the Saturdays.

Kulanthai Velayuthaswamy Temple

This Koil is about 24km from Koyambathur. This is one of the most beautiful building built around 750 years ago. The architectural aspects of this temple are fabulous. It is situated on a hill covered with Kurunda trees. So it is called as Kurunda Malai.  It is a legend that Thiru Agasthiya Munivar got Manthira Upadesham from Lord Muruga Temple.  The main deity of this Koil is Lord Muruga.

Sri Sai Dwaraka Trust

A new temple of Shiri Sai Baba has been constructed in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu India. The Koil is an exact Replica of Dwaraka Mai of Shiridi Sai. This is the only kind of temple in Tamil Nadu for Shiridi Sai.  Koil was opened on October 8th 2000.  Devotees interested in performing archanas, abhishekams can get more information from this Koil. Contact: Managing Trustea Sri Sai Dwarka Trust, 2-B3. Shrinagar, Near Bharahi Colony, Peelamedu, Kovai.

Shree Venkaeswara Swami Vari Alayam

This temple is about 30km from Koyamuttur Tamil Nadu.  It conducts all poojas and utsavas like Tirupati Lord Venkateswara.    “Annadanams” are providing to the devotees every day in K.G. Denim Prayer complex.

Velliyangiri Andavar Temple

This temple is about 20km from Koyamuttur to Siruvani Velliyangiri is a beautiful temple situated in one among the five hills symbolically representing the five different faces of Lord Siva. This is the only temple where we can have the Dharshan of Pancha Linga. Timings: 7.00am to 12.00 noon, 5.30 pm.

Arulmigu Shree Velayudhaswamy  Thirukoill

Arulmigu Shree Velayudhaswamy Thirukoill was built by Karikala Chola. This was renovated by Veerapallala III dates back to 13th century. A holy spring called Ganatheertha Sunai” and a sacred tree known as Karunochi can be seen Lord Muruga came to be worshipped as Mantragiri and Shree Velayudhaswamy.

Arulmigu Prachanda Vinayagar Temple

This temple of Lord Ganesha is more than 1000 years old as believed by the local public.  It is located on the banks of River Aliyar.  It is about 8km to the south of Pollachi.  This temple was in a dilapidated condition about 2 year ago.  This renovation work of this temple was initiated by the local public under the leadership of Tmt.  Anandhi Elangovan. The re modified temple had its first Kumbhabhishakam on 9th June 2001.  The signs in this temple to show that the temple deity was Lord Siva initially.  This temple is still known as Ganapathy temple because it is addressed as “Prasanda Vinayakan’ by the locals. The qualifier appears to be the mispronunciation of the Sanskrit term ‘Prachanta’ which means ‘angry-looking’. There should have been temple elephants belonging to this temple in those days.  The river is named as ‘Anai Gajam” the flight of steps leading from the temple meet the river. ‘Anai Gajam” in Tamil means that part of river used to take the elephants for bathing. This place is full of lush green paddy fields, sugarcane fields and coconut trees. This temple is growing more and more popular among the devotees of Tamil Nadu.

Arivu Thirukovil

Aliyar ashram is a temple of consciousness, teaching for Kundalini yoga and meditation guide by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi Arulnithi and Manavalakalai teachers. The Aliyar ashram is the home of the Venthanthiri Mahirishi, Kundalini Yoga and Kayakalpa Research foundation, founded by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi in 1985. The view of the Aliyar reservoir in the Western Ghats is very beautiful at the foot hills. They join hands with WCSC in spreading the teachings of Shri Vedhanthiri Mahirishi.

Location: Vethathiri Maharishi Kundalini Yoga Kayakalpa Research foundation, Temple of Consciousness, Arutperum Jothi Nagar, Aliyar – 642101, Pollachi Taluk.

Masani Amman Kovil

Masani Amman Kovil lies between Pollahi and Topslip. It is about 55km from the heart of Koyambattur Devotees believe that if they grind red chilly past and apply it on the presiding deity, their lost Valuables will be resorted to them.  Its location is Anamalai.

Reverent Subramania Swamy Thirukoil

Subramania Swamy Thirukoil is located at Pollachi.  Konga Cholas built this temple of Lord Shiva.  They named it as “Thiru Vahatheswaramudayar temple.  It is about 700 year ago.  It is famous for its high architectural value.  It was called as Subramanayar Kovil. Lord Subramanya is worshiped here.

Places to Visit in Koyambattur Tamil Nadu India

Isha Yoga Centre

The Velliangiri Mountains are situated in the Kovai district in the state of Tamil Nadu. The famous spiritual retreat run by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's Isha Foundation on 61ha/150 acres of forested land at the foothills of the sacred Velliangiri mountain covered by thick forest. It is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere, a reserve forest with abundant wild life. It offers people the opportunity to travel inward on a journey towards physical and emotional well being through yoga, meditation and public service. This place is created as a powerful sthana a center for inner growth. The nonreligious centre imparts all four forms of yoga: gyan(knowledge), karma (action), kriya (energy) and bhakti courses, retreats and sathsangs (group meditation).  The beautiful architecture of the massive Dhyanalinga Temple and meditation hall, and the Linga Bhairava and Theerthakund at the centre has created the perfect ambience for spiritual retreat. This center houses the architecturally distinctive Spanda Hall and garden, a 64,000 sq. ft. meditation hall and program facility that is the venue for many residential programs catering the Dhyanalinga Yogic temple, a powerful and unique energy form sitting under a pillar less 2,50,000 bricks dome structure as well as Theerthakund a sacred underground water body. Every week, thousands of people converge at this unique meditation center to seek out inner peace and wellbeing. It is also located at the Yoga center and Isha Home School.

The Vanaprastha accommodation on the premises was designed to give people with families the opportunity to come and be involved with the center. A large residential facility houses an active international community of Brahmacharies, full time volunteers, guests and visitors making it a vibrant lub of activity and an optimal environment to pursue one’s growth.  Timings: 6.00 am to 8.00 pm Open all days.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is Situated in a corner of the city near the campus of Agricultural College and Research Institute is the hundred year old Botanical Garden, famous for its beautiful layout.  Started in 1908, it was developed into a modern Horticultural Park.  There are at present nearly 800 species of plants and trees in the garden, most of them being of ornamental value.  The Sunken Garden, a cascading waterway, Japanese ornamental garden, topiary garden and a paddling pool are the chief attraction of this place. It is one of the important place to visit in Koyambathur Tamil Naud, India.

Kovai Kuttralam (Siruvani Waterfalls)

This falls is about 37km west of the city.  It is known for its capitirating beauty and the sweetness of water.  The Panoramic view of the dam and the falls gives us enchanting beauty.

Number Parai

This valley is situated in High forest Estate of Ms. Mahavir Plantations Ltd.  From this valley, Iddliyar, Soorya Malai and he Hill Tribes’ settlement area can be viewed.  This place has got historical importance as this is situated on the border of erstwhile Madras state and Travancore Kingdom.  Even body, it marks the border between Coimbatore District on Tamil Nadu side and Iduki and Thrissur Districts on Kerala side.

Oldest Teak tree

The oldest teak trees is more than 500 years old.  It is still alive in Sheikalmudi forest area of Valparai Taluk, which measures 90 feet height and 23.5 feet girth.

Pollachi City

Pollachi is a town and a municipality in the Coimpatore district. It is about 40km from Koyam pattur. It is an important commercial area in the region and has a big market for agricultural products. Coconuts and tender coconuts are exported from here to all over India.  Next to Koyampattur, this town has developed into a leading commercial centre. It also serves  as a halting place for tourists who visit the interior places of interest in the area. Mariamman and Subramanya temples are famous temples in the city. The sculpture of Subramaniya Koil is like five-hooded serpent, the mouth of this sculpture is like Yali and it is full of Zodiac signs. Pollachi is the nearest town to the Indira Gandhi National Park. Pollachi has a pleasant climate due to its proximity to the Western ghats. It is also famous for its market, especially for jiggery and cattle. The Jaggery market in pollachi is the Asia’s biggest Jaggery market.

Arillmigu Alagunachiamman Koil

Arillmigu Alagunachiamman Koil is located at Pollachi.  It was built by group of people who were living in Valliarachal. Formation of this temple is due to the theft of statue of their family God on the riverside of Pollachi. So they selected a brick, placed it in the same place and built a small temple now this temple was rebuilt in the year 2002.

Arulmigu Sulakkal Mariamman Thirukoil

Arulmigu Sulakkal mariamman temple is located on Covai - Pollachi road.  It is about 13km from Ukkadam ‘Sulakkal’ was near the dense forest.  The inhabitants of sulakkal and other villages nearby usually send their domestic animals to the forest for their feed. One villager’s cow alone was not yielding milk all of a sudden on suspicion, one day he followed his cow was shedding milk on the sand. Hill when he approached the cow it started running and got its feet hit by the sand-hill.  Much to his surprise he saw blood oozing out from the sand hill on the very same day Goddess appeared on his dream and asked him to raise the temple known as Arulmigu Sulukkal Mariamman temple.

Dharshan Timing: On Tuesday and Friday 6.00am to 8.00pm. On all other weekdays 6.00 am to 1.00pm and 3.00pm to 8.00pm.

Sengupathi Waterfalls

Sengupathi Waterfalls are situated 35km from this district on the Koyambathoor-Srivani main road.

Monkey Falls in Coyamuthur

Monkey falls is an excellent and ideal outdoor travelogue. It is a main ideal place for little children to take bath. It is about 65km from Koyampattur and 27km from Pollachi on the Coyamuthur-Pollachi-Valparai Highways. It is a famous picnic spot in Coimbatore India.

Nallamudi Poonjolai valley

This valley is situated in Anaimudi Estate of MS BBTC Ltd.  He reason behind naming it as Anaimudi Estae is very obvious. We can see the highest peak in South India (i.e) Anaimudi peak from here.   It will attract lot of tourists at this place has a beautiful view of a huge valley below as well.

Vaidehi Waterfalls

Vaidchi falls is about 30km from Coimpatore through Narasipuram Village.  It is a fine picnic spot for trekkers.  A perennial waterfalls is a major attraction here.

Carver Marsh Statue

Mr. G.A. Carver Marsh is the father of Valparai hills.  We can see his statue in the Valparai ghat road Kavarkal Estate Pollachi.  We can see the beautiful scenic beauties from here.  It includes the huge Vilonia valley and the Parambikulam reservoir.

Chinnakallar Falls

Chinnakallar is a geographically important place.  The region receives the second highest rainfall in India.  It is about 26km east of Valparai.  It is known as the Cherrapunji of Tamil Nadu. The hanging bridge is built across the falls.  It is full of enchantment and thrill. This area was always wet and mist.  It is a greenish dense forest with majestic trees.  It gives us a pleasant nature.  The falls of this place sounds like a roaring lion.

Congreve Falls

This Congreve falls is situated within Nadumalai estate of M/s Periakaramalai Tea and produce co Ltd. It is very near to Valparai Town.  This falls named after Mr. C.R.T Congreve, one of the early explores of this hill.

Siddhi Vinayagar Temple

Sidhi Vinayagar Temple is owned by Jayshree tea industries.  Sholayar temple is situated in a beautiful garden environment.  It is very close to Valparai Town.  Its distance is about 5.5km.

Grass Hills

It is world Heritage site.  This the best tourist attraction in the unique Shola forests at Grass hills.

Karamalai Annai Velankanni Church

Vellankanni Matha has done lot of miracles. Festival takes place every year during September 8th.  In 2003 a new church was built.  It is a place of spiritual peaceful environment.  Lot of people visit this church daily.  Its distance is about 7km from Valparai Tamil Nadu.

Koozhangal River

Koozhangal River is located near the Valparai in the Valparai Sri Kundra Main road.  We can see beautiful pebbles on the river bank.  It attracts lot of tourist Valparai Tamil Nadu.

Lawson Falls

Lawson falls is situated in Chinnkallar near reserve forest boundary which is about 18km from Valparai Town.

Loams view point

Loam’s point is located at the ninth hairpin bend.  It has got the name by “Mr. Mathew Loam” who was the first person to mark the road in 1886 from Aliyar to Sirikundra. Still now the same road is being used by the public.

Lower Nirar dam

This dam has built for multipurpose project such as irrigation and Hydro electricity production.  It is situated in a wonderful location covered by a dense forest.  This source never goes dry.  It is about 15km from Valparai Town.

Amaravathi Dam

Amaravathi Dam 20km from Udumalpet. The dam has been constructed just at the point where the plains become clearly discernible from the surrounding hills with narrow valleys of thick forests which abound in many wild animals including tiger, bisons and elephants. The cruise in the reservoir by motor launch presents a good scenery of forests and deep gorges.  An Inspection Bungalow is available at Amaravathi Nagar near the dam site for overnight stay. Amaravathi Dam is one of the important place near by Koyambathoor.

The Crocodile farm

The crocodile farm at Amaravathi Dam is just 25km from Udumalpet.  This place is being developed as a District Excursion centre. Camera is not allowed here.

Lower Bhavani Dam

Koyambathur is one of the major irrigational projects of the state.  The reservoir called Bhavani Sagar, created across the river Bhavani, covers a vast area, the dam traversing a length of 8km.  In this reservoir also, a cruise by motor launch is a rewarding experience.  The Shivan Koil of Sangameshwara is situated at the confluence of the river Cauvery with Bhavani which is a popular place of worship. Situated amidst beautiful natural surroundings, it forms an excellent place for picnic.  There is a rest house at the dam site for overnight stay.

Aliayar Dam

Aliyar Dam was constructed in 1962 across the Aliyar River.  It is about 65km from Koyamuttur District and it is found on the foot hills of Valparai. Here, Aliyar Lake receives water from upper Aliyar reservoir through hydro-electric power station in Navamali and the Pramikulam reservoir through a contour canal. A good looking park, an aquarium and a mini theme park is being maintained by Tamil Nadu Fisheries Corporation. Aliyar Dam is best picnic spot in Coimbatore. Ambarambalayam Darga is situated at the banks of the river Aliyar.

Arulmigu Maghudeeswarar Temple

Around 1200 years ago, temple for Lord Shiva has been raised here.  It is about 18 km away from Pollachi near Ramanamuthalipudur village on the way between Annamalai and Sungam road. Ruined temple and its pillars are undergoing construction.  It is surrounded by its green valleys and river makes the place more beautiful. It is one the beautiful place to visit in Kovai District.

Ambarampalayam Darga

Ambar Darga is situated on the banks of the river Aliyar Huge devotees from Kerala and Tamil Nadu visits this Durga with a belief that evil spirits will get away.

Kadambari Dam

To visit this dam we have to get special permission in Hydro Electric plant at Kadamparai is between Pollachi and Valparai.  It is most worth seeing. Many wild life species are found frequently in this region.  The main specialty is it is carved out with a single rock.  Which gives an astonishing view.

All Soul Church

All Soul Church is about 10km from the airport and 1.5km from the railway station. It is located on the race course road. This church was built in the year 1870. This church was the first seed of Christianity in the city.  Phone: 0422-3201313.

Bethesda international prayer centre

This prayer centre is about 25km away from the Industrial city of Coyamuthur. it is near the Siruvani hills. It is open for all the days. Contact Address: Administrator, Bethesda international Prayer Centre Harunya nagar - 641114, Phone 0422-2614333, 2615515.

Athirapily Falls

Athirapily falls is near to the entrance of the sholayar range and it is a place of great scenic beauty.  The water plunges from a height of nearly 80 feet before joining the Chalakudi River.  This picturesque spot is adjacent to dense green forest.  It is a part of Chalakudi River.  It is about 80km from Valparai, Chalakudi, and Kerala.

How to Reach Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

Koyamuthur is one of the major cities in Tamil Nadu, India. Covai lies in the NH47 highway. The city has excellent road, rail and airways.

How to Reach Coyamuthur By Road Transport

 Koyambathur has well connected road to major cities such as Chennai (491km), Madurai (227km), Ooty (98Km), Trichy (217km), Thiruvananthapuram, Kanyakumair (452km), Kodaikanal (138km), Bengaluru (340km) and Kochi (193km) etc.  Cabs, van and auto rickshaws are also available for local transport. Bus facilities are available at regular intervals.

The Bus stands in Koyambathoor are Central Bus Stand, Thiruvallur Bus Stand and Town Bus Stand. Central bus stand is situated in Gandhipuram. From this bus stand, we can reach Ooty and northern destinations. From the Thiruvallur Bus Stand we can travel to Mysore and Bangalore etc. Town bus stand covers local places.

How to Reach By Air

Airport of Koyambathur is about 10km east of the city. It is in Peelamedu. It has well connection to the cities of Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kozhikode and abroad countries such as Sharjah in UAE, Srilanka in Colombo, Singapore etc.

Airport Enquiry: 0422 - 2574100, Indian Airlines: 0422-2399833, 2573396, Jet Airway: 0422-2243465, Jetlite: 0422-2575336, Spice Jet: 0422-2575425, Air Arabia: 0422-4351950.

How to Reach Koyamuthur By Rail Transport

Koyambathur city has good rail facilities. It has well connected railways with south India. Daily express trains are available to Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Trivandrum, Kochi, Trichy, Madurai , Rameswaram etc.
Railway Enquiry: 139.


Thaipoosam and Thirukarthigai

Marudhamalai Temple is about 12kilometers form Koyambathur Railway station.  Lord Murga is the maindeity of this temple.  As the name suggest the temple is situated on the hillock.  The main celebrations are thaipoosam and Thirukarthigai in January and February.  Pollachi is an important commercial centre which is about 40km from Coimbatore.  It is Famous for its Mariamman and Subramanya temples.  The South Banaras or Avanashi temple is the biggest temple in the district.  It is famous for its exquisite carvings and sculptures.

Coimbatore City Important Information

Coyamuthur Area


Koyambathur Population

34.58 Lakhs (Census 2011)


677.7 mm (Annual)


Max: 39°C

Min: 20.7°C



Koyambathur Std Code


Vehicle Registration

TN 37 (South), TN 38 (North), TN 66 (Central), TN 99 (West)




Tamil Nadu