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There are many tourist spots in Coimbatore and it is surrounded by many nearly by tourist centers. Let us see them by alphabetical order. The place to visit are Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Amaravathy Reservoir, Avanashi, Bannari, Bhavani, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Mettupalayam, Monkey falls, palani, Parambikulam-Aliyar, Pollachi, Sengupathi Waterfalls, Tiruppur, Thirumoorthy Temple, Top slip, Udagamandalam, Ooty Lake, Stone House, Vaideki Waterfalls, Valparai and many other places too.

Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary

This is named of India’s first woman Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. This is set at an attitude of 1,400 meters on the Western Ghats, which is 65 km from Coimbatore. Lion, Langur, elephant, gaur, Tiger, Panther, Sloth bear, deer, wild bear, wild dog, pangolin, civet cut, porcupine, flying squirrel, jackal, birds of various species, bulbul, spotted done, green pigeon etc. People who visit would find it sure to be adventurous.

Amaravathy Reservoir

This is in the Anamalai hills. This has a large number of crocodiles in it. There are many other places like Karainshola, Anaikurthi Shola, grass hills, water falls, groves of coconut and palm, teak forests, tea estates, dams and reservoirs that have to be visited.

Avanashi Temple

This city is 40 km from Coimbatore and it is pilgrim city and is called as the Banaras of the South. The Cholas built the Avanashilingeswarar temple during the 12th century and a unique thing about this temple is, it is the biggest temple of the district and the minute and well shaped carvings and sculptures are adorable to watch.


This town is 83 km from Coimbatore and 10 km from Bhavanisagar, Large numbers of devotees come to the famous Mariamman temple located here. The town is near the Western Ghats situated with large thick forests.


This sacred and holy pilgrim town is 121 km from Coimbatore. It is known as the Triveni of South India. There is a famous temple namely Sangameshwarer Temple as the junction of the co-rivers the Cauvery and the Bhavani. This is dedicated to Lord Sangameshwarer and his counterpart/better half Vedanayaki. The British Collector Willizim Garrow who reigned the Coimbatore and Salem districts during the reign of the British East India Company, he had his office centre at Bhavani. He worshipped Goddess Vedanayaki.

Coimbatore Tour Information


This is the second largest hill station next to Ooty in the Nilgris. It is 71 Km from Coimbatore and 19 km from Ooty. The altitude is 1839 meters above mean sea level. The climate in Coonoor is milder than Ooty. People can visit Sim’s Park, Law’s fall, Ketti Dolphin’s Nose, Lamb’s Rock, Lady Canning’s seat, The Droog, Ralliah Dam, Catherine’s fall, and some beverages plantations.


This hill station too lies in the Nilgris. This is 105 km from Coimbatore and 28 km from Ooty. This is the ancient and the oldest hill resort of the Nilgris hills. The British started their building activities early in 1819. This place too is surrounded by tea plantations.


This small town is just placed at the foot hills of the Nilgiris. It is about 52 km from Coimbatore. The unique railway line between Mettuppalaiyam and Ooty is adventurous and joyous as it passes through green hills tea plantations and forests.

Monkey falls

This is a wonderful waterfall that is located just some km on the hill enroute to Valparai. Many tourists visit this falls on the way to Valparai, the queen of Anamalai Hills.


This is a pilgrim centre and is one of the six places of Lord Subramanya. It is situated at an attitude of 140 m. The presiding deity is Sri Dandayuthapani. The idol in the shrine is made out medicinal herbs and shrubs. Large number of pilgrims visit although the year.


This is a multipurpose project mainly serves for the irrigation of the cultivated land area. It is a series of dams which are interred connected by tunnels and canals. The water from the rivers such as Parambikulam, Aliyar, Nirar, Sholiyar, Thunakadaru, Thekkadi and palar flow into this multipurpose project which supplies water for the lands and for power generation too.


This lays 40 km away from Coimbatore. This is the second Commercial centre of the Coimbatore District. The Mariamman Temples and Surbramanya temples are famous here. The five-hooded cobra, Chain from yali month and the Zodiac signs are some of the sculptures in the temple stones.

Sengupathi Waterfalls

This waterfall is located on the way from Coimbatore to Siruvani. The location is pleasant and beautiful and tourists would have this place.

Siruvani Waterfalls and Dam

This exciting place with waterfalls and Dam is about 37 km from Coimbatore Siruvani Supplies water to the entire Coimbatore district. The water is tastier and it is the second tastiest water in the world. It is a perfect picnic spot.


This is a textile city. Hosiery centres are plenty in this city. It is 50 km away from Coimbatore. Here T-shirts and other banian materials are stitched and sold overseas. There are thousands of banian textiles in Tiruppur. This is the place where the great Kumaran, who fought for the country’s freedom, lived. He died holding the national flag in his hands and never let it fall down.

Thirumoorthy Temple

This is also a sacred place where there is a holy shrine. This lays 20 km away from Udumalpet on the palani Coimbatore Highway. The temple is set on the foot of the Thirumoorthy Hills near the Dam which has the same name. A stream flows by the side of the temple and there are some waterfalls nearby. This is now being developed by the Tourism department to make it a good District Excusion centre.

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Udhagamandalam in English, Ootachamand is known to be the Queen of Hills. This is situated in an altitude of 7,500 ft. The extraordinary scenaries make Ooty a great tourist spot. The misty dense clouds, the chill weather and the evergreen ambiance make things much fantastic. The British collector of East India Company who ruled over Coimbatore district discovered Ooty in 1882. He was none other than John Sullivan. Some attractions to watch in Ooty are Botanical Gardens, Ooty Lake and Stone House.

The Botanical Garden is built exactly of that of the English Style. It is a series of terraced gardens, found by Marquis of Tweed Dale in to 47. Every year the agro-horticultural show is held here during April and May and many tourists visit the flower show.

There is a lake which was built between 1823 and 1825 by the then Collector John Sullivan. One can row the boats into the lake with joy to find the green tops alongside. To go with the boating there are Lake Garden and toy train tides which influence children and older people too.

The stone house in Ooty was also built by the collector, John Sullivan. This is the first ever bungalow constructed in Ooty. Apart from these three spots there are Government Muscums, Raj Bhavan Doddabetta, Mukurti Peak, Pykara Dam and Wenlock Donons. From Ooty it is just 60 km to travel to the Mudumalai animal’s sanctuary.

Vaideki Waterfalls

These falls which do not fall through the year is situated 30 km from Coimbatore. One has to take the route of Narasipuram Village to reach this waterfall. People who go on trekking and picnics would surely love this place.


Anamalai range has 56 estates of which Valparai is the head of the 50 estates. This hill station is 102 kilometers from Coimbatore. The main plantation here is tea. The place looks green all over. There are many waterfalls, stream, dams and many dense forests in the Anamalai range. One can travel to Kerala from Valparai through the mountain route. It is also a fine picnic spot of exhuberance place of Interest in the city.

Top Slip

This perfect set natural spot located on of the Anamalai Hills, which is about 37 Km form pollachi. There is a sanctuary, which is available here. Tree houses are also provided for people whom lone adventure and thrill.

Crocodile Farm

This is located in Amaravathi Dam which is 25 Km from Udumalpet. This place is at present being developed as a District Excursion center.