Coimbatore Memorials


Thyagi Viswanathadas Memorial House

This great man was born on 1886. He was a great poet and an actor too. He was a very famous person during his days of youth. He fought with the British through his Dreams. Great freedom fighters and leaders adored him. The Britishers considered him a devil. It was his dwelling place, now a memorial house located at 56, Viswanathadas Street, Thirumangalam. There is a wedding hall in this memorial house, which has the capacity of 100 seats.

Udumalai Narayanakavi Memorial

Narayanakavi was born on 1899. He was an actor, a drama actor, a musician and he achieved great fame due to these talents that he possessed and excelled. He brought in awareness among the people through his lyrics. Public can find the life history and photographs displayed in this memorial house of Narayanakavi.