Coimbatore Temples


Perur Temple

 This is one of the ancient temple. It is located 7 kms away from the city and is said to be built by Karikala Cholan before 1500 years. The temple is dedicated to Lord Patteeswarar and his better half Pachainayaki. Devotees gather during the festive occasions. The Kanagasabai hall has some exciting sculptures.
The other temples are Karamadai Ranganathar Temple dedicated to Lord Ranganatha, a second oldest temple in Coimbatore built by the Vijayanagara Kings.

Marudhamalai Temple

     This hill top temple is situated 12 kms away from the Central city. It is dedicated to Lord Muruga. This is a very famous temple. It is behaved that Lord Dandayuthapani performed several miracles in this hill top temple.

Velliyangiri Andavar Temple

This temple is located on the way to Siruvani. This beautiful temple is built and stands on one of the five hills. The five hills represent the five faces of Lord Shiva. Only in this temple the devotees are allowed to see the Panchalingam.

Eachanari Vinayakar Temple

This temple lays 13 Km away from coimbatore on the pollachi main road. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vinayaka or Ganesha.

Masaniyamman Kovil

This temple is located between pollachi and palakkad, in kerala. This temple is about 50 Km from coimbatore. People who come to this holy temple have a belief that people who grind red chilly paste and apply it on the statue of god inside the temple, their belongings which they lost would be regained by them. This temple is located in Anamalai.

Kongunattu Thirupathi

Coimbatore and its surrounding places are known as Kongu Nadu. The Naina hill, which is located in Kongu Nadu, is unique holy land. This place is proudly named as Kongu-Thirupathi. Pilgrims visit here, every Saturday. The pilgrims chorus “Govinda” and climb up the hill to find the deity.


This is located in the Isha Yoga Centre, Velliyangiri Falls in coimbatore. Due to the efforts of Yogi Sathguru Jagi Vasudevand some other yogi’s, the Thyanalingam has come to power. Even people, who have not experienced this before, really get experienced due to this Thiyanalingam. When we lead a life with its entire dimension, no greed, no fear and no hatred, it is of great joy and this Thynalingam provides that.